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We are Here

We are Here

A strategic position

Al Tezzon Hotel is the ideal place for pleasant holiday or for a relaxing stop for business travelers. It is proposed as a valid alternative for a stay away from city rhythms, a few kilometers from Padova, Castelfranco and Cittadella, in a strategic point for cultural attractions in the Veneto and the business of the area.


VENEZIA - 50 km
Venice is the capital of the region Veneto. The city historically was an independent nation. The "City of Bridges" stretches along the mouths of the Po and Piave rivers. Also known as a magnetic point for lovers, artists, and poets, Venice It is unlike anywhere else on the planet, with a collage of 116 islands connected by 409 bridges.

Interesting places
Piazza e Basilica di San Marco, Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Ponte di Rialto, Ponte dei Sospiri, Arsenale, Ghetto, Teatro La Fenice



PADOVA - 20 km
Padua is well-known for its prestigious and old university, Padua boasts a lot of testimonies of its glorious past. Padua is an interesting destination for tourists from all over the world. It is now an important economic center across Europe. Padua is universally known as St. Anthony's City , the famous Franciscan Saint, born in Lisbon in 1195.He lived in Padua for some years and died there (June 13, 1231). The remains of the saint are preserved in the Basilica of St. Anthony, the destination of countless pilgrims from all over the world and one of the major monuments of the city. Other important attractions: the Scrovegni Chapel that houses a remarkable cycle of frescoes completed in 1305 by Giotto; the Prato della Valle, a 90,000 m² elliptical square which is believed to be the biggest in Europe, after Red Square in Moscow.

Interesting places
Città murata, Basilica del Carmine, Basilica di Sant'Antonio, Abbazia di Santa Giustina, Cappella degli Scrovegni, Chiesa degli Eremitani, Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo del Bo, Prato della Valle, Orto Botanico



TREVISO - 40 km
Treviso was a pre-Roman city rose on three hills placed near a bend of Sile, which penetrates the intricate medieval urban web with its canals. Enclosed by the sixteenth-century town walls, the picturesque porticoed houses (from 1400-1500) almost fully preserve the late Gothic and Renaissance outer frescoes (250 painted façades, unique in Italy). But Treviso is also the provincial capital of a wealthy province, which alone includes ten fascinating historic and art centers.

Interesting places
Piazza dei Signori, Palazzo dei Trecento, Casa dei Carraresi, Loggia dei Cavalieri



VICENZA - 50 km
Vicenza is well-known as the city of Palladio – Renaissance architect who influenced the history of architecture. Thanks to his works (the villas in the surrounding area and the renowned Olympic Theatre), the city has been enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Vicenza is one of the favourite destinations in Italy. It is a destination for cultural tourism with flows from all over Italy and abroad. Constitutes a unique artistic achievement for the many contributions of Andrea Palladio's architecture, the city.

Interesting places
Basilica Palladiana, Teatro Olimpico, Palazzo Chiericati, Palazzo Leone Montanari, Palazzo Valmarana, Palazzo Porto, La Rotonda, Villa Trissino



Castelfranco Veneto The town originates from a castle built here by the commune of Treviso in the course of its strife against Padua. The older part of the town is square, surrounded by medieval walls and towers constructed by the people of Treviso in 1211 . The massive Castle is noteworthy. Castelfranco Veneto was the birthplace of the painter Giorgione, and the Cathedral (1723) contains one of his finest works, the Madonna with St. Francis and Liberalis (1504), but more commonly called La Pala del Giorgione.

Interesting places
Cinta muraria, Duomo, Museo Casa Giorgione, Teatro Accademico, Parco Bolasco