Al Tezzon

Al Tezzon

Tradition and Innovation

The complete package that Al Tezzon offers its guests includes a renowned restaurant, 5 star hotel facilities and a travel agency. We even have a blog dedicated to upcoming events and parties. The beautiful surroundings are brought to life by the Zuanon family of which Luciano and Luciana are the main pillars and work tirelessly to bring together the history and beauty of the place. Talking to them in the lively and welcoming atmosphere will make your surroundings seem familiar you will feel at ease. The unending objective of the family, aside from the research of typical dishes from Veneto and Piemonte, is the continuous desire to renovate and restyle the spaces, this makes both the restaurant as well as its surrounding structure a constant surprise. The ideals and values of the hotel were extended into the creation of the Travel agency which specializes in the organization of unforgettable Honeymoon trips.

The world of Al Tezzon: A world of becoming...


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